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About Count Every Vote

Last Updated: November 9th, 2020

We stand on the simple principal: Count Every Vote.

That's how we protect democracy and promote civic participation. Elections that reflect and respect the will of the people are not a partisan issue.

Our focus is Election Week and the post-election period.

Count Every Vote is a project of the Center for Impact Communications, a not-for-profit action and research center focused on communicating for impact and social good.

Our team of researchers, data experts and organizers are working to provide voters with pathways to understand and protect the election and support media in responsible reporting of this unique election.

The Count

By focusing on three elements of the vote count the media and public can better understand and defend the will of the people.

Total Votes Counted

Precincts reporting is misleading statistics in this unique election where more ballots than ever will be returend by mail and counted by election officials on Election Day. Understanding the total votes counted and the unvierse of voters is key to knowing when winners can be declared.

Total Votes Uncounted

Ballots remaing to be counted is the clearest way to know if an election is too close to call. While the number of mail ballots makes counting longer this election, it also means we will know the total votes cast this election season on Election Day.

Total Votes Contested

In case of any type of contestesting of results it will be important to understand how many ballots were not counted and the reasons why. Voter error, postal dealyes or mistakes, printing errors or falsely flagged signatures could cause enough ballots to swing races to be invalidated. Keepign an eye on this ballots will help us know when to continue demanding officials Count Every Vote.

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