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Count Every Vote

The Movement to Protect the 2020 Election.

Our Plan

We are nonpartisan movement built on the simple idea that elections must reflect the will of the people and that can only happen if we Count Every Vote. We need to know that every eligible voter will have the opportunity to vote without restriction and that every vote will be counted.


Connecting voters and activists with resources to mobilize and ensure state officials Count Every Vote.


Providing resources and guidance to support accurate and balanced coverage as states complete their counts.


Visualizing the vote count with data and context to make sense of the counting process.

An Election Like No Other

COVID-19 and a historically divided electorate increase the likliehood that counting votes will take longer than past elections and could be contested. We need to be prepared to share accurate information and take action until every vote is counted.

Mail-in Voting

Twice as many people will be voting by mail this election putting pressure on the postal service and election officials.

Delayed Results

Many states are prohibited by law from counting mail-in ballots until Election Day and some will receive ballots up to 20 days after Nov. 3.

Media Responsibility

That means media needs to prepare people for a protracted post-election period and cover Election Night accurately and responsibly.

How to Protect the Election

Prepare to Act

Sign-up and get connected with groups preparing to take action in your community.

Speak Up

Share the Count Every Vote message on social media and in your local press.

Stay Informed

Get breaking updates from our team of researchers monitoring the 2020 Election.


See real-time data from battleground states showing the number of votes cast, counted and rejected.

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